We are trying to penetrate the English speaking world. This is a new start!

There will be a lot of materials. Articles, videos and courses.

Our goal is to make the site financially stable. We are planning to create a bunch of paid courses next to our free stuff.

Please, if you like what we do, check out our courses! We worked a lot on them, and we are giving some of them for free and others for a really cheap price.

Our first paid course is:

I had the chance to befriend a well known Hungarian chef Zoltan Locskay. Zoltan has 25 years of experience behind his back, and he was really excited to work with Autodidakta to create our first paid course. We have put 10 easy to create Hungarian recipes together. I did all the technical stuff and he cooked.

Now, we are happy to announce our result: The course is done. It has everything what you need, food history and the whole preparation with cooking. If you like food, you will love our recipes! If you don’t, you can still buy our course as a donation to our cause.

You have the choice to buy this course on our site with Paypal (1 dollar cheaper than anywhere else) or you can go to Udemy. We have it there as well, and if you buy it there and give us a 5 star review, we might get luckier with the algorithms!

Whatever you choose, please register your name and email address on our site using this form.

We will be giving out free stuff for those who register and buy our courses!

Don’t forget to visit our site and other channels regularly! It will worth it!

Founder of Autodidakta

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