Hungarian Recipes – Spinach Főzelék with fried eggs

Aren’t you bored in the kitchen?

Most people can only cook what their mother taught them. They eat the same food with the same ingredients week by week. Some say they don’t even like to cook anymore. It’s just too repetitive. So, instead of cooking they order some junk food online.

Why are we wasting our health and money on low quality food? Why not learn something new instead?

Learn to cook different type of cuisines not just your own! If you extend your cooking knowledge, kitchen time will be fun and healthy again! Register and learn how to cook like a real Hungarian chef!

The course was created with chef Zoltan Locskay. Zoltan is a well-known chef in Hungary. He even managed the famous Szeremley Borhaz back in Badacsony. In his 25 years of experience he learned how to create the simplest and most complex 5 star meals. His specialty is traditional Hungarian foods.

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