Being capable by being healthy – The Life Saving Ketogenic Diet

Read the previous article As I mentioned before, you don’t need to be fasting to be in KETOSIS, you can teach your cells to metabolize fats more effectively with a KETO or Ketogenic diet. You just need to change the proportions of your daily macro nutrients, because Ketosis can only be reached if you are on a close to a zero carb diet. A Ketogenic diet have a calorie based macronutrient ratio of approx. 60% Fat, about 30-35% Protein, and around 5-10% Carbs. The idea is to avoid all carbs as possible, but high fiber and low carb vegetables are fine, especially if they are from the cruciferous family. There is an idea that every fiber acts as a minus carb, so if you eat something with 5 carbs and 4 fibers in it, you only need to count that as 1 carb, because the 4 fibers can be deducted from the 5 carbs and you left with only 1 carb. It’s not a bad idea, but as there are two type of fibers, soluble and non-soluble, you better off if you only count a fiber as a minus half carb, because some fibers can break down inside you. Knowing this, helps you to play with the ratios a bit more as you like. Sure, using fats as fuel instead of carbs might be a stretch for you. It’s not easy losing all the bread, rice and most of the sweets, I am a foodie, I know. But, if you can do it, it has its advantages. The director of the brilliantly funny Airplane!, Jim Abrahams even made a movie about the miracles of the ketogenic diet, starring Meryl Streep. The movie was based on the true story of Charlie Abrahams (the son of Jim the director), who suffered from serious epileptic seizures when he was 11 month old. His seizures were so severe, he was ordered to try a wide variety of different medicines to calm down the symptoms, but they didn’t helped, just caused more side effects, he even had a brain surgery, but that did nothing else than a scare of retardation.
His parents eventually found the ketogenic diet in a book at the local library. The book was published by John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital and described a diet that is based on healthy fats instead of carbs. As soon as they started the diet, the seizures started to calm down, by the third day, they were all gone. Charlie is a grown man today, he doesn’t need to use any medicines, he can do and eat whatever he wants. He lives a complete life without any real restriction, he even managed to work as a teaching assistant for a while. Charlie’s father Jim, were so glad for the results, he used his Hollywood influence to promote the diet to the public. But even after the TV movie …First Do No Harm and a full length documentary on the diet. The Ketogenic diet found huge resistance from the public due to its high fat content.
You probably heard the idea that coronary heart disease is the result of high cholesterol and eating red meat and saturated fats. This idea was originally came from a guy called Ancel Keys who was a high profile scientist in the fifties, with the backing of the American government. He and his team did the famous 7 country study, where he concluded that, the main cause of heart disease are high cholesterol and saturated fats. His ideas were supported by the government, and based on his work the Health and Food Administration put out brand new guidelines for food consumption. There were just a few problems with his study. There were originally not just 7 countries in the study, but 22. If we add the other countries to the diagram, there is no real correlation. One of his colleagues who was supposed to bolster Ancel results, Dr. George Mann noticed this, and publicly said: “Dietary fat is not the determinant of either high cholesterol or coronary heart disease, and the Diet-Heart Hypothesis is the greatest scam ever perpetrated on the American public”. Of course, the critique were not picked up by the public, so Ancel’s ideas were implemented. If we look back what happened after his guidelines been took seriously, we see the exact opposite of what been expected. As soon as they implemented the guidelines, the obesity epidemic started and things just got worse and worse.
There is scientific proof today, that dietary cholesterol doesn’t matter regarding your own cholesterol, and that cholesterol lowering statins are 15 times more likely to cause you harm than to help you. Yes, if you cut up a clogged up artery, you will find cholesterol stuck there, but that’s not because cholesterol caused the clogging, that is there because your body uses cholesterol to fix your damaged arterial wall. The clogging there is most likely caused by the mix of free radicals in your blood from sugars and processed foods, extra calcium due to lack of k2 vitamin, and too much triglycerides. So, this man called Ancel Keys was the man who accidentally give rise to the obesity epidemic, kept cardiovascular disease growing, made billions to the pharmaceutical industry and programmed us to be afraid of fat and cholesterol. All the benefits of skimmed milk, low fat snacks and sugar filled cereals that were sold to you are based on his Diet-Heart Hypothesis and Lipid Hypothesis. What proven to be wrong by science time to time, but the idea is still out there confusing not just normal people, but medical doctors too, because many governments around the world forgot to update this important information about our health, it’s a real shame, and it’s still killing people.
So, please, keep this in mind, before you start to avoid the good old fats. The state of ketosis or when you are using fats for fuel, is a natural state, babies were proven to be fuelled by mostly ketones when they born, ketones are the form of fats that can be used as fuel. To understand the confusion a bit more, there is also a state called Ketoacidosis what is sometimes confused with ketosis. Ketoacidosis is a serious state what affects type 1 diabetics, who can’t produce any insulin. It happens when the long term lack of insulin lets the blood sugars and the ketones build up in their blood stream making it too acidic. Many doctors who haven’t even heard about ketosis and the ketogenic diet, like to scare people away from eating too much fats, because in their mind there is no ketosis, just ketoacidosis. But they are not the same, and there are already a tons of scientific papers proving that the Ketogenic diet not just safe in the long term, but sometimes lifesaving.
Okay, now let’s see what are the two main benefits of the ketogenic diet from a health perspective. One is that using ketones as 3-beta-hydroxybutyrate as fuel for cells, is anti-inflammatory. You know, in health, everything comes down to inflammation. Inflammation happens every time when our body needs to fight something inside us, it happens when you injured, hurt, sick or when you just eat something and your body needs to eliminate the toxins from the food. Some people who suffer from auto-immune problems, can have adverse effects from different type of foods, the ketogenic diet usually can help them to calm down the inflammation enough to live a good life. Also, if you calm down inflammation, you Age much less physiologically, than somebody who does nothing to keep inflammation down. Our body is much more effective in its function if it’s not inflamed, keep that in mind.
The second main benefit is keeping our insulin spikes in check. In ketosis, we use fats for fuel, and Fats has the lowest insulin response from all the micro nutrients. Carbohydrates spike insulin the most, especially in the form of simple sugars, and Proteins get about the half of the carbs response. Fibers normally does not affect insulin, but it can slow down any other nutrient’s digestion, creating a slower, much less insulin response. To be continued… If you liked what you read please checkout our cooking course! Autodidakta did a co-production with chef Locskay to create a course about our 10 favorite Hungarian recipes. The course cost less than a meal in a restaurant and you can donate to us by buying our course. You can get it on our site with PayPal or you can visit Udemy and get it there with many other options for checkout! Joey
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